About the Global Leaders Program

The Global Leaders Program brings together domestic and international students to develop authentic and enduring connections between international students and students travelling overseas on University of Melbourne Overseas Subjects (UMOS). The Global Leaders Program will draw on the experiences and expertise of international students to support their peers before, during and after travel to the international students’ home country.

How it works

All international students can apply to become a Global Leader through the online application form below. Applicants will also be invited to attend a brief interview with the program coordinator. Selected Global Leaders will then be matched to peers enrolled into an overseas program and provided with professional development and leadership opportunities.

In 2020, University of Melbourne Overseas Subject (UMOS) include travel to the following destinations and all students with experience living and / or studying in the countries listed below are encouraged to apply!

  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Spain
  • France
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • Cambodia
  • Morocco
  • South Korea
  • Georgia
  • USA
  • Philippines


  • Access to a professional development and leadership opportunities
  • Provide peers with local insights and information about must-do experiences in your home country
  • Prepare peers to feel more prepared to explore foreign countries
  • Broaden awareness and appreciation of the various cultures and diversity that make up Faculty of Arts
  • Enhance your sense of openness, embracing differing perspectives by building connections with a community


Please note: applications are currently closed and will reopen later in the year (dates to be confirmed)

View the job description (85kb pdf)


Enquiries can be directed via email to Arts student programs.