The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) is a specialised year of study for students who have achieved academic excellence in their undergraduate degree. An honours year enables you to extend your knowledge of your area of specialisation.

Why choose honours in Arts at The University of Melbourne?

Expand your career options

Honours graduates are highly regarded by employers due to their advanced research, analytical and communications skills, and their ability to undertake independent projects.

Create pathways into further study

Faculty of Arts honours study can reduce the length of time by up to a year for some Masters degrees offered by the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Honours graduates are eligible to apply for the Masters by Research or Doctor of Philosophy (Arts).

Choose from a broad range of disciplines, including:

Ancient World studiesAnthropology and Development studiesArabic studiesArt History and Art Curatorship
Asian studiesAustralian Indigenous studiesChinese language and studiesClassics and Archaeology
Creative WritingCriminologyEconomicsEnglish and Theatre studies
French studiesGender studiesGeographyGerman studies
HistoryHistory and Philosophy of ScienceIndonesian language and studiesIslamic studies
Italian studiesJapanese language and studiesLinguistics and Applied LinguisticsMedia and Communications
PhilosophyPolitical SciencePsychologyRussian studies
Screen and Cultural studiesSociology, Social Policy and Social TheorySpanish and Latin American studies 

Course structure

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree consists of 100 points of study in subjects at fourth year level. Most pure honours programs consist of a 50-point thesis and a 50-point coursework component.

  • Most combined honours programs consist of a 50-point thesis, one 12.5-point compulsory subject in the department in which the thesis is taken, and a 37.5-point coursework component in the combining area of study
  • There is no combined honours option for Psychology, Economics or Classics

Entry requirements

In order to be considered for entry, applicants must have completed:

  • within the last 5 years a Bachelor of Arts with a weighted average mark of at least H2B (70%), or equivalent, with a major relevant to the discipline stream within the Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours) that they seek to enter

Applicants are also required to meet any specific subject prerequisites and prior academic performance requirements associated with the discipline stream that they seek to enter. For more information about these requirements please visit the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Handbook entry and select the entry for the relevant specialisation.

Please note: Meeting these requirements does not guarantee selection.

Applicants holding an undergraduate degree other than a Bachelor of Arts (eg Bachelor of Psychology or Bachelor of Commerce) or applicants who completed their BA more than 5 years ago may be eligible to apply instead for the GDA-ARTS Graduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced).

Tuition fees

For more information please visit the Future Students Admissions and applications Fees web page for fee information.

How to apply

Application closing dates

  • The closing date for the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology is October 31.
    There is no mid-year intake for the Psychology Honours program
  • The closing date for the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Economics is October 31.
    There is no mid-year intake for the Economics Honours program
  • The closing date for the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Politics and International Studies or Criminology is November 30.
    There is no mid-year intake for the Politics and International Studies or the Criminology Honours programs (in either pure or combined honours)
  • The closing dates for all other Bachelor of Arts (Honours) programs are May 31 for mid-year admission and November 30 for start-year admission
  • Please note the extra steps required if applying for the Geography honours program
  • If you have questions about applying for Psychology Honours please email Psychology Honours
  • If you have questions about applying for other BA Honours programs please email Arts Honours

Deferral is not available for Bachelor of Arts (Honours).

Transcripts and supporting documentation

Applicants who completed their degree at a different institution can upload an unofficial transcript of their results to date with their online application if their official final transcript is not yet available. Successful applicants will then be required to submit an official final transcript of results satisfying course entry requirements prior to enrolment. University of Melbourne graduates do not need to submit a transcript.

Thesis proposal

Applicants for all specialisations except Psychology and Economics must prepare and submit a 300-word Honours thesis proposal using the Honours thesis proposal form (870kb Word doc) as part of their online application by the application closing date. Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek feedback from a potential supervisor prior to applying. Please note however, that thesis supervisors are assigned when you commence your course, and discussing your thesis proposal with a staff member does not guarantee your choice of supervisor.

Submit online

Visit the Future Students website to submit online. You must provide full supporting documentation.

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