Melbourne Peer Mentoring Program

In the Melbourne Peer Mentoring Program, newly commencing Bachelor of Arts students are supported to navigate their transition to University; make new social connections with other first year students; and access helpful advice.

Faculty of Arts Peer Mentoring Program

Peer Mentoring in the Faculty of Arts

First Year Mentees

As a first-year student you will be a part of the Peer Mentoring Program and matched with a group of your peers and a Peer Mentor. In your meetings, you will have opportunities to forge friendships and hear more about University services available. You will meet with your mentoring group on a regular basis throughout the semester.

Download the my.uniLife app to chat to your group members and prepare for your first session!


As Peer Mentors, you will support students to navigate their first semester and give tips on how to maximise the opportunities offered within the Faculty of Arts and the wider University community.

The benefits of becoming a Mentor include:

  • Opportunities to grow your leadership potential
  • Developing your intercultural awareness and communication skills
  • Your volunteering being recognised as part of the Leaders in Communities Award
  • New friendships and opportunities to give back to the Faculty of Arts and University community

As Peer Mentors, you are not expected to have the answers to all the questions a mentee might ask or replace academic and professional assistance provided by the University. Instead, you will model help-seeking behaviours, guide and support new students, encourage them to work things out for themselves and help them to find their own solutions. You will be supported as a Peer Mentor by an experienced group of Peer Leaders and the Arts Student Life Team.


Isabelle – 2020 Arts Mentor

Isabelle – 2020 Arts Mentor

My proudest moment about this program has been seeing the engagement between my mentees outside of our mentoring sessions. Whether it is their banter in the sessions or their comments on each other’s Facebook posts, I find great joy in the fact they have built genuine friendships from meeting each other at our first mentoring session.

Reina – 2020 Arts Mentor

Reina – 2020 Arts Mentor

My favourite part of the program is the opportunity for me to assist other students in understanding what resources are available for them.

I’m honoured to have been a part of this program, and I thank my Peer Leaders for the help and support they provided for the Peer Mentors.

Steph – 2020 Arts Mentor

Steph – 2020 Arts Mentor

The best element of the program was that it was an opportunity to make friends and form connections with those who are going through similar first year experiences as a mentee or had gone through it already as a mentor - and especially during the Covid-19 quarantine as the program adjusted quickly to support the needs of first years. I am also glad I got to improve my leadership and communication skills during this time.  

Thank you for supporting mentors too!

Meet our Mentor Leaders

The Faculty of Arts has a great group of Mentor Leaders who are here to support our Mentors. Mentor Leaders are current University of Melbourne students who have a range of experience in mentoring, supporting students and student programs.

You will be allocated your own Mentor Leader/s, who will be able to get to know you over the course of the program, check in with you regularly to offer support and will be someone you can reach out to for advice and guidance.

Rachel Chen

Rachel Chen

Rachel (aka Wen-Lei) graduated from the University of Melbourne with Bachelor of Arts degree in Japanese Studies and French Studies. Currently she studies at the Melbourne Law School as a first year Juris Doctor (JD) student and is also a concurrent Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) leader for the Faculty of Arts.

During her time as an undergraduate student, she participated in various mentoring programs such as the French Peer Mentoring Program which inspired her to become a mentor herself to assist other students/mentors like her as she realised the importance of having guidance and support.

Rachel will be working as part of the Melbourne Peer Mentoring Program team to motivate and empower mentors as they provide valuable support for first year students!

Bridie Cochrane-Holley

Bridie Cochrane-Holley

Bridie is a first-year Juris Doctor (JD) student at the Melbourne Law School. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Ancient World Studies and Diploma in Languages in French in 2019, whilst also mentoring and welcoming first-year students to Arts at Melbourne.

She says that “mentoring is a great way to use your own experiences, both trials and triumphs to help someone else start off on the front foot”.

Having already supported first-year mentees previously, Bridie will be moving on to helping prepare, support the mentors within the program, so that they can then best support their first-year students and welcome them into the Arts community.

Elodie Pert

Elodie Pert

Elodie is currently studying a Masters in Arts and Cultural Management and has previously completed a BA and Honours in Ancient World Studies and Anthropology and Social Theory.

She has been a Mentor with the University and the Faculty of Arts since 2015 and has really enjoyed helping new students feel welcome at University, making genuine connections, and helping students to make the most out of their university experience.

She plans on using her experience mentoring within the University to help create pragmatic approaches and solutions within the program and to offer practical assistance and support to Mentors to help them navigate their role.

Bridget Seiter

Bridget Seiter

Bridget is a third-year Bachelor of Arts student, majoring in Psychology. She can’t wait to further her study in the area of positive psychology and all things wellbeing!

Having such a positive experience with the program as a peer mentor in 2020, with cute picnic lunches in The System Garden (pre-covid of course), seeing friendships form and receiving positive affirmations from mentees about the support offered easing their transition, only makes her excited for the continued growth of the program!

Mariam Haliem

Mariam Haliem

Mariam is current Master of Public Health student, having completed a Bachelor in Biomedicine and a concurrent Diploma in Languages in 2018.

She enjoys engaging with students and doing what she can to help the transition into uni life, which can be a real shock to the system. She has hosted incoming students during orientation and tutored through the VCE Summer School program for several years and is excited to be part of the mentoring program this year.

Mariam also has six chickens and two budgies, so if you ever need expert bird advice, she’s your go-to contact!

Isabelle Hanna

Isabelle Hanna

Isabelle is a second-year Juris Doctor (JD) student at the Melbourne Law School. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Law and Justice in 2018.

She was a peer mentor in 2020 and loved being able to guide her mentees to navigate their first semester at unimelb – especially while adjusting to online uni. With that first-hand experience, Isabelle is equipped to work closely with mentors to support them within the program.

Get Involved – apply to become a Peer Mentor

Mentoring in the Faculty of Arts is a rewarding volunteering opportunity. If you are interested in applying and would like further information on time commitment and eligibility, please visit the Apply to become a peer mentor web page.

Frequently asked questions

You can find a range of FAQ’s and answers on the Melbourne Peer Mentoring Program website.

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