Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are free weekly study sessions with fellow students led by a high achieving student (PASS Leader) who has successfully completed the subject in a previous year.

What is PASS?

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are free group study sessions led by a student (PASS Leader) who has successfully completed the subject in a previous year.

PASS is designed for students who want to maximise engagement and enjoyment of their subjects. It's also been shown that students who attend PASS have been able to improve their academic performance and acheive higher grades.

Study sessions are friendly, informal and collaborative. During a PASS session students:

  • Share study techniques
  • Expand on discussions from tutorials
  • Review subject readings and lecture notes
  • Discuss key course concepts
  • Prepare for assessment
  • Make friends
  • Eat lollies

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Who can participate in PASS?

PASS sessions will be running for the following subjects. Any student enrolled in one of the following Semester 2, 2019 subjects can attend sessions, listed A-Z. Click the link to join a Facebook group or just attend the session that best suits you.

AboriginalitiesElenaThursdays10.00 - 11.00Room 257, Old ArtsJoin
Applied Research MethodsRobina Mondays4.15 - 5.15South Theatre, Old ArtsJoin
Applied Research MethodsYasminTuesdays12.00 - 1.00Room 556, Arts WestJoin
Applied Research MethodsYasminTuesdays1.00 - 2.00Room 156, Arts WestJoin
Applied Research Methods Robina Thursdays3.15 - 4.15South Theatre, Old ArtsJoin
Censorship: Film, Art & MediaMarziehWednesdays4.15 - 5.15Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Crimes of the PowerfulOliviaThursdays3.15 - 4.15Room 143, Old ArtsJoin
Environment and Story HugoTBATBATBAJoin
Exploring Linguistic DiversityRomiMondays3.15 - 4.15South Theatre, Old ArtsJoin
Foundations of Marketing & CommunicationAimanTuesdays1.00 - 2.00Room 555, Arts WestJoin
French 2RachelMondays1.00 - 2.00Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
French 2RachelFridays12.00 - 1.00Room 257, Old ArtsJoin
French 6CharanWednesdays12.00 - 1.00Room 213, Old ArtsJoin
German 2LisaTuesdays12.00 - 1.00Room 161, Arts WestJoin
German 4ClaireThursdays12.00 - 1.00Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
German 6OskarThursdays2.15 - 3.15Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
History of Early Modern PhilosophyCampbellWednesdays12.00 - 1.00Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Ideas & SocietyNaomeWednesdays11.00 - 12.00Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
International PoliticsBrockMondays11.00 - 12.00Room 209, Old ArtsJoin
International PoliticsIlanaMondays3.15 - 4.15Room 209, Old ArtsJoin
International PoliticsLauraThursdays12.00 - 1.00South Theatre, Old ArtsJoin
Introduction to Politcal IdeasJamesTuesdays2.15 - 3.15Room 231, Old ArtsJoin
Introduction to Political IdeasJonoTuesdays10.00 - 11.00Room 156, Arts WestJoin
Introduction to Political Ideas ShurfaThursdays4.15 - 5.15Room 143, Old ArtsJoin
Italian 2EmilyThursdays3.15 - 4.15Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Japanese 2MeixinWednesdays2.15 - 3.15Room 213, Old ArtsJoin
Japanese 2MeixinFridays12.00 - 1.00Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Japanese 4ErinThursdays4.15 - 5.15Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Language, Society & CultureTimTuesdays1.00 - 2.00Room 161, Arts WestJoin
Law in SocietyMoniqueWednesdays1.00 - 2.00Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Law in SocietyTunaMondays12.00 - 1.00Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Law in SocietyTunaFridays11.00 - 12.00Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Life Writing AbigailMondays4.15 - 5.15Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Modern & Contemporary LiteratureCarlyTuesdays12.00 - 1.00Room 263, Arts WestJoin
Modern Art: Politics of the NewKashmiraWednesdays2.15 - 3.15North Theatre, Old ArtsJoin
Myth, Art & Empire: Ancient Greece & RomeJadeThursdays11.00 - 12.00South Theatre, Old ArtsJoin
NovelsMadelineTuesdays1.00 - 2.00Room 253, Arts WestJoin
Order, Disorder, Crime & DevianceLachlanTuesdays1.00 - 2.00Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Principles of Arts ManagementNinaTuesdays1.00 - 2.00Room 263, Arts WestJoin
Punishment & Social Control MelanieMondays12.15 - 1.15South Theatre, Old ArtsJoin
RepresentationEmmaWednesdays10.00 - 11.00North Theatre, Old ArtsJoin
RepresentationLiangTuesdays1.00 - 2.00Room 263, Old ArtsJoin
Second Language Learning & TeachingYingMondays4.15 - 5.15North Theatre, Old ArtsJoin
Secret Life of LanguageRitaFridays1.00 - 2.00Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Sex, Gender & Culture: An IntroductionOliviaWednesdays2.15 - 3.15Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Shakespeare in PerformanceLucyWednesdays1.00 - 2.00Room 213, Old ArtsJoin
Short FictionCarlyTuesdays1.00 - 2.00Room 155, Arts WestJoin
Spanish 2IsabellaTuesdays12.00 - 1.00Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Spanish 2IsabellaFridays3.15 - 4.15Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
SyntaxHenryThursdays11.00 - 12.00Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
Syntax TianyiMondays2.15 - 3.15Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
The French RevolutionCampbellTuesdays12.00 - 1.00Room 253, Arts WestJoin
Writing for ScreenNickTuesdays12.00 - 1.00Room 555, Arts WestJoin


Attending PASS has been proven to improve students' academic performances. This can happen whether you're struggling with the subject or aiming for the best mark in the class.

PASS students have also said they find sessions to be more effective than studying alone, ie. 1 hour of PASS = 3 hours of studying alone.

PASS can help with:

  • Study strategies
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Problem solving
  • Meeting new people

Keep in touch

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Acknowledgement of Country

The PASS community acknowledges the Traditional Owners the land where we work and study, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. We pay our respect to elders, past, present and emerging, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.