Outbound Exchange

Information for Bachelor of Arts students applying to study at an overseas institution through the University's Exchange or Fee-paying programs.

The University of Melbourne Exchange program offers students a unique opportunity to study and live overseas whilst completing a degree. You can study for a single semester or full year at any one of approx. 200 Exchange partners in over 35 countries around the world. Exchange students remain enrolled at the University of Melbourne and continue to pay their tuition fees to the University of Melbourne and do not pay any tuition fees to their host university.

For more information please visit the Students Study overseas Semester and year-long programs web page.


Students must:

  • Be enrolled at the University of Melbourne as a domestic or international student
  • Have completed, or about to complete, at least one year of study and 75 points at the University of Melbourne by the due date of applications
  • Have achieved a weighted average of at least 65% (H3) across the degree for which you are seeking credit while on Exchange
  • Have a 65% average in any language which you may wish to study
  • Be able to study the equivalent of at least a full-time load while overseas
  • Obtain Faculty approval on a Melbourne Abroad application
  • Demonstrate through a financial plan your ability to support your stay overseas
  • Satisfy host institution and host country entry requirements
  • Be a 'good ambassador' for the University of Melbourne

Enrolment and fees

When overseas, students remain enrolled full-time at the University of Melbourne and continue to pay their course fees (HECS or full fees) here. Students are also enrolled full-time at the overseas institution but are not required to pay course fees to them.


Generous travel scholarships are available for Exchange students. For more information please visit the Students Study overseas Funding options web page.


You also have the option to study at an overseas institution through a Fee-paying program. This means you can independently apply to a host institution that is not partnered with the University of Melbourne. However, you will be required to pay the fees for this program directly to the host institution.

For more information please see the Students Study overseas Semester and year-long programs web page.

Honours students

Students undertaking an honours year are normally only allowed to go on Exchange for one semester and 37.5 points of coursework study. It is a Faculty requirement that all work completed overseas as part of your Honours program must be submitted to the relevant department at the University of Melbourne upon your return.


While on Exchange you have a number of responsibilities:

  • Check your University email account regularly
  • Check your study plan on the Student Portal to ensure your enrolment is correct for the period you are on Exchange and for your returning semester

Information about re-enrolling while overseas can be found on the Students Study overseas While overseas web page.

Approval for subjects

Please ensure you have appropriate approval for the subjects you are taking on Exchange.

If you need to change your study plan and undertake subjects that have not been pre-approved, you must seek approval for these subjects via correspondence with the relevant departmental advisors. They are listed on the Students Study overseas Discipline Advisers and Program Directors web page.

It is essential that you then email your subject changes to the Contact us details provided at the bottom of this web page with evidence of program approval. Your final study plan must be approved in the first few weeks of your Exchange enrolment.

Credit for subjects taken on Exchange

On your return, credit is awarded on a credit-for-credit basis not on a subject-for-subject basis. It is your responsibility to ensure that your credit load while on Exchange reflects the amount of University of Melbourne points you wish to receive.

For more information please consult the Students Study overseas Complete the final steps web page.

Contemporary Topics in the Middle East and North Africa study abroad program

This is a study abroad program which introduces and explores a range of topics on contemporary Moroccan society first through probing the historical context, revisiting the imprint of Arab and Amazigh heritage combined with Islamic and other religious influences, to finally debate its colonial past and present post Arab Spring realities.

The program will examine critical and relevant readings from both local and Western writers with an intensive Modern Standard Arabic language component, classroom lectures relating to outcomes of social reform agenda, political governance, youth empowerment initiatives, human rights and the role of women in Morocco, Islamic feminism, Maghrebi Literature and social media, art and architecture. The course will further delve into the local community and culture through off-campus visits to historical sites, museums, government offices, non-profit organisations and businesses as well as engaging with Moroccans in their everyday life and experiencing other geographic regions of the country. Consequently, this course also aims to reinforce cultural awareness and exchange with perceptions and values that may differ from those of your home environment to invoke research areas for further research.

The course is taught by the International University of Rabat (Université Internationale de Rabat or UIR) which is approximately 20 minutes outside the capital city of the Kingdom of Morocco, Rabat, and it is sister city, Salé across the Bou Regreg river.

Please note: Applications for the 2019 program have now closed.

View the brochure for this program

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