MULT20012 / MULT30020 Community Volunteering

If you have a passion for not-for-profit, community-related work, why not enrol on this subject and gain credits towards your degree?

This subject gives students the opportunity to broaden their academic experience by getting involved in community volunteering projects and work placements. Students must have completed 100 points in their degree to be eligible. This subject is available as an elective to second and third year Bachelor of Arts students. It is also available as breadth in other undergraduate degrees where approved by the home faculty.

  • Students spend the equivalent of about one day a week (80 hours minimum) during semester as an intern in a not-for-profit organisation
  • Students will apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their course to issues of significance to a community. This will enhance their understanding of approaches in the field of community and social development
  • While on placement students will examine the structure, culture and policy environment of the organisation and complete a report on a workplace project
  • Placements will vary depending on interest and study focus, as well as projects on offer from organisations

Example projects

  • Social and political research and policy reports
  • Environmental projects
  • Organising fundraising events
  • Newsletter production
  • Web development
  • Media and publicity campaigns
  • Business plan development

More information

Apply for Community Volunteering 2017

Through CV, you have the chance to connect with people from different faculties/fields. We understand that everyone thinks differently, but you will be surprised how much you can learn from them through group meetings and tutorial times. Sometimes, they give you fresh perspectives and brilliant ideas that you have never thought about. Many people might have a fear of group assignments, but this subject is different. It's all about passion, acceptance and guidance. Jian - 2015 student.

I would recommend this subject as we learn a lot of hard and soft skills that are practical not just in a person's working life but their day to day life. I like this subject because it is not so much academic base but ideology based. Hui-Ling - 2015 student.