Midyear Orientation 2019

Join us for information sessions and fun events in the orientation period.

Arts orientation events

Getting there

Arts West (Building 148) is the home of the Bachelor of Arts. The building is located on the Royal Parade side of the Parkville campus and is accessible from Professor's Walk, Medical Road and the Baillieu Library.

Please follow the link for Disability Access information or contact us at arts-studentprograms@unimelb.edu.au for further assistance.

The building contains 24 modern, high-quality teaching spaces, a digital studio, a gallery and a fa├žade that displays images from the University's cultural collections.

Old Arts (Building 149) is located just across the walkway from Arts West and is one of the oldest buildings on campus. It features the iconic clock tower overlooking South Lawn.

Travelling to Parkville

We encourage you to use public transport, walk or ride as first options. If arriving at Stop 1, 757 Swanston Street (Building 199), staff will be able to direct you to the Arts West or Old Arts buildings.

If you do need to drive to the Parkville campus there are carparks for students and visitors nearby.

Plan your degree

While the Arts Welcome events are all about meeting people and making sure you know about special opportunities, you may still have questions about how to structure your degree. If so, we've provided a series of online video guides regarding course requirements as well as a break down of the course structure, including several example study plans.

Stop 1: Connecting students and services

In addition to our online guides, Stop 1 offers a range of services including:

Stop 1 logo
Stop 1 logo
  • Administrative and information services including student ID cards, fees, transcripts, scholarships and graduations
  • Enrolment services such as course planning, enrolment assistance, special consideration and student equity
  • Skills and development services including employability, global experience, academic development, and student development
  • Support services including disability, housing, financial aid and the Safer Community Program

Contact Stop 1 online, on the phone or in person

More information

For more University of Melbourne events please see the Orientation website.