Planning your studies

There are a range of online course planning resources and course maps to help you select your major/s and subjects.

The University Handbook is available throughout the year to assist you in planning your studies. For detailed information please visit the B-ARTS Bachelor of Arts web page and the Breadth subjects web page in the Handbook.

If you are studying a Bachelor of Arts (Extended) please see the Handbook entry for this degree.

Choosing your major and breadth subjects

A major is a sequence of subjects from one discipline, taken at each year level.

Please note: As a Bachelor of Arts student it is a requirement that you complete at least one major as part of your course. More information on course structure...

Enrolling in a second major or minor is optional. Each major requires the completion of designated Level 1 subjects, some of which may be part of the breadth section of your Study Plan. Bachelor of Arts students have over thirty majors to choose from.

At the end of your first year, having completed these required Level 1 subjects, you will add the structure of your chosen major to your online Study Plan. As some majors require you to undertake subjects as part of your breadth or reduced breadth sections, you will need to choose this on your Study Plan. Majors that require you to use breadth are 'Non-Standard majors’.

Non-standard major in Chinese, Economics or Psychology

If you wish to major in Chinese, Economics or Psychology, you will be undertaking a ‘non-standard major’. Undertaking a non-standard major means you will have a reduced number of breadth electives that you may select from.

  • Major in Chinese from entry point 1 (beginners level) - you must complete ten Chinese subjects (125 points) taken as Arts discipline subjects
  • Major in Psychology - you must complete ten Psychology subjects (125 points) comprising eight subjects (100 points) taken as Arts discipline subjects and two subjects (25 points) at later years taken as breadth (12.50 at level 2 and 12.50 points at level 3)
  • Major in Economics - you will complete nine Economics subjects (112.5 points) comprising three subjects (37.5 points) taken as Arts discipline and six subjects (75 points) taken as breadth

Changing your major

It is possible to change your major in the second year of your course if you have completed the required Level 1 subjects and there are sufficient spaces remaining in your study plan for the subjects of your proposed new major.

If you choose to change your subjects, major option, or major specialisation, you will be making an amendment to your Study Plan.

If you wish to change your major you can do this by submitting a request online via the Enrolment Variation Form