Industry Projects

The opportunity for undergraduates to work on real business-cases in collaboration with industry partners.

In Semester 2, 2018 the Faculty of Arts will partner with three organisations on five industry projects. Once you are successfully enrolled in the subject Industry Project (ARTS3001), in the first week of class you will be allocated a project in consideration of your interests. You may also choose to enter The Big Idea competition.

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Projects available

Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)

Provide foundational research to write a paper aiming to answer the overarching question, “what can social and behavioural science do for an environmental regulator, and how is it best accessed and used?”.

Melbourne Fashion Festival

Evaluate Melbourne Fashion Festival programming and attendance to propose programming changes which might address gaps in the Festival's audience.


Identify and create a resource pool of fellowships, internships and volunteering opportunities available for young people all across India, with special attention given north India.


Research similar youth volunteer program offerings and how Pravah's SMILE program is different from them. Based on findings, create two products to increase SMILE's visibility as a program for young people.


Showcase the impact of Pravah's three leadership programs with adolescents, in comparison to other programs for adolescents internationally and domestically within India. During showcasing and research, propose a marketing pitch for Pravah's adolescents programs.

The Big Idea

An initiative from The Big Issue, designed as a competition between students from universities across Australia. To learn more about this unique opportunity please see the Big Idea web page.

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