Helpful resources to assist with your placement

  • Organising a placement

    How to identify and approach potential host organisations.

    Organising a placement

  • Cover letter format

    For a quick and easy guide on writing your cover letter and conducting research to inform its development, you can enrol in the Careers & Employability Canvas community and access the “Mastering the cover letter” module.

    Cover letter format

  • Resume format

    Prepare a resume that stands out when you approach organisations.

    You can use the University's Smart Resume platform (and its Smart Editor tool) to compile and download a personal resume. When preparing a resume for a WIL opportunity, remember to find value in your University studies. You may have studied subjects of particular relevance to your prospective placement.

    Access the Smart Resume platform

  • Risk assessment

    The University of Melbourne is committed to ensuring the safe travel of students.

    Students undertaking an internship must complete the relevant form below. The content of the submitted form will be reviewed by your internship coordinator in consultation with relevant OHS managers. Following approval, your form will be signed by your internship coordinator.