Arts Teaching Innovation (ATI)

ATI supports excellence and innovation in teaching and learning across the Faculty of Arts

About Arts Teaching Innovation (ATI)

ATI was established by the Faculty of Arts in 2018 to support excellence and innovation in teaching and learning across the Faculty’s five Schools and 45 areas of study in the fields of humanities, social sciences and languages. ATI offers a research-led, collaborative approach to designing and refreshing curricula and pedagogy, enhancing excellence and innovation in teaching.

ATI incorporates academic expertise in curriculum design, object-based learning, and work-Integrated learning and works in close collaboration with the professional staff of the Faculty’s Academic Support Office.

ATI maintains a consultative and supportive approach to change and innovation. The ATI team works one-on-one with academics identify ways to improve students’ learning experience, draft and concretely implement changes at the subject and whole-of-program level, help teaching to reflect current pedagogical research and sector-wide best practice, and connect academics with teaching and learning resources from the Faculty and the wider University.

Research and evaluation

ATI recognises the need to ensure that all curriculum design and teaching and learning strategies are informed by best practice and emergent scholarship. All members of the ATI team are actively engaged in research and evaluation in the fields of Arts curriculum and pedagogy. Where possible, ATI also provides support to academic staff and teaching associates to advance their research interests and initiatives in areas of humanities, social sciences and languages teaching.

Professional Development and Training (PDT)

PDT aims to build the capacity of teaching staff to pursue the Faculty’s strategic teaching and learning priorities. It does this by identifying the community’s professional development (PD) needs; developing and delivering a program of PD events through a blend of face-to-face and online means; incentivising the uptake of PD by sessional staff in particular; and facilitating access to support activities and resources provided by divisions across the University. The PDP is guided by an overarching aspiration to promote the value of teaching as gainful academic activity, located within a productive teaching-research nexus.

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