Key contacts

Teaching and Learning contacts and other key contacts within the Faculty of Arts and its five Schools.

Colleagues from Education and Students, Arts Teaching Innovation, eTeaching, and the Academic Support Office are available to support all teaching and learning needs across Schools and the Faculty. Please refer to the information below for relevant contact details.

Education and Students

Education and StudentsProfessor Kate MacNeill Associate Dean, Education and
 Mathilde LochertDirector, Education and
 Yasmeen HassanProgram Coordinator, Education and
Curriculum DevelopmentAllison DutkaManager, Curriculum
 Leonie ElderCurriculum Quality Assurance
  Ning Xue Curriculum Quality Assurance Coordinator (UG)
  Kathy Graham Curriculum Quality Assurance Coordinator (PG)
Curriculum Delivery SupportWendy YapManager, Curriculum Delivery
 HJ HamAcademic Programs
 Marcus ProudfootAcademic Programs
Student EnrichmentNadia AlyManager, Student
Student ProgramsErin ScudderGraduate Student Enrichment
 Hannah Hunter-SmithStudent Enrichment
 Eunice GibboyiStudent Enrichment
Gift ImplementationEmma SekulessGift Implementation
 Alex SmartGift Implementation
Student LifeJames WilsdonTeam Leader,  Advising and
 Dan AllemannProgram Officer, Advising and
 Maree StathoulisProgram Officer, Advising and
Work Integrated LearningDr Lea CampbellManager, Experiential
 Aimee TymoszukSenior Work Integrated Learning
 Anna RendaExperiential Learning
Arts Teaching Innovation (ATI)
Work Integrated Learning Dr Elizabeth Lakey Head of Program, ATI
Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Object Based Learning Dr Olivia Meehan Object Based Learning Coordinator
 Steve MartinCollections
Curriculum Design Dr Wajeehah Aayeshah Teaching Specialist, Academic
  Dr Alexandra Johnston Teaching Specialist, Academic Support
  Dr Mitch Goodwin Teaching Specialist, Academic Support
  Dr Andrea Dodo-Balu Teaching Specialist, Academic Support
  Dr Michael (Maxx) Schmitz Teaching Specialist, Academic Support
  Dr Megan McIntosh Teaching Specialist, Academic Support
  Dr Mei Li Teaching Specialist, Academic Support
  Dr Nira Rahman Teaching Specialist, Academic Support
  Dr Tahlia Birnbaum Teaching Specialist, Academic Support
  Meredith Hinze Manager, eLearning/eTeaching
  Mitch Buzza eTeaching and LMS Support Officer
  Daniel Hayward Loans Office & eTeaching Support Officer
  Equipment Loans

Academic Programs (ASO) School-Based Staff

Asia Institute Robyn Borg Team Leader, Academic Programs
 Georgia ArdleyTeaching and Learning
School of Historical and Philosophical Studies Pauline Li Team Leader, Academic Programs
 Jasmine StiffTeaching and Learning
School of Languages and Linguistics Astra Gilfillan Team Leader, Academic Programs
 Liza LakusaTeaching and Learning
School of Culture and Communication Celene Axford Team Leader, Academic Programs
 VacantTeaching and Learning Officer 
School of Social and Political Sciences Jo Helsby Team Leader, Academic Programs
 Katie RuthvenTeaching and Learning