Policies, procedures and guidelines

Information on Academic program policies and procedures, and Learning Assurance.

Policies, procedures, guidelines

Please refer to the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Policy Library website for policies in relation to Academic Integrity and unsatisfactory progress procedures, appeals, complaints and grievances, Assessment and examination procedures, course and subject development, exchange and study abroad, student responsibilities and work integrated learning.

For a full collection of University policies, procedures and guidelines, please consult the Melbourne Policy Library.

Learning Assurance

In 2013-14 the Faculty of Arts undertook a review of the learning objectives and assessment tasks of the majors and subjects it offers into the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and other degrees.

The aims of the project were:

  • To assure transparent alignment of published learning outcomes of all subjects (objectives and generic skills) with the published learning outcomes of the BA (skills and graduate attributes)
  • To articulate program level skills for each major in the BA
  • To assure transparent alignment of published learning outcomes of all subjects with the assessment tasks undertaken in those subjects
  • To develop and articulate the sequence of learning outcomes by year level (Levels 1, 2 and 3) in each program (major stream)
  • To collate and present this information clearly to students and to regulatory bodies
  • To develop processes for assuring ongoing alignment of assessment, subject learning outcomes and degree objectives through subject proposal and change procedures and periodic review

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