The following subjects are now accepting applications for sessional tutoring positions in semester 1 2018:

Subject code Subject name
JAPN10001 Japanese 1
JAPN10003 Japanese 5
MULT10014 Identity
JAPN30004 Japanese through the Media
JAPN10007 Japanese 3
JAPN10005 Japanese 7
JAPN20009 Signs and Symbols in Japanese
ARBC10005 Arabic 1
ARBC20004 Arabic 3
ARBC30004 Arabic 5
ARBC30006 Arabic 7
INDO10005 Indonesian 1
INDO10001 Indonesian 3
INDO10003 Indonesian 5
INDO10012 Indonesian Literature
ASIA20001 Media and Urban Culture in Asia
CHIN10005 Chinese 1
CHIN10015 Chinese 3
CHIN20010 Chinese in Context 1
CHIN10017 Chinese 5
CHIN10003 Chinese 7
CHIN10001 Chinese 9
CHIN30010 Modern Chinese Literature
CHIN20022 Advanced Seminar in Chinese
CHIN10019 Contemporary Chinese Literature
CHIN20029 Chinese Economic  Documents
TRAN90004 Translating Chinese Economic Documents
TRAN90005 Translating Chinese Legal Documents
TRAN90008 Translating into English 1
TRAN90009 Translating into English 2
TRAN90010 Translation Internship
ISLM30018 Crisis Zone: Islam and Resistance
ISLM10001 Understanding Islam and Muslim Societies
ISLM20016 Sufism: The Spiritual Dimension of Islam
ASIA10001 Language and Power in Asian Societies
ASIA20002 Asian Century: Meaning and Impact
CHIN20007 Chinese Studies: Culture and Empire
JAPN20005 Contemporary Japan
CHIN30002 Taiwan & Beyond: Chinese Settler Culture
ASIA30004 Corruption in Southeast Asia
SOCI90010 International Migration
TRAN90001 Foundations of Translation
TRAN90011 Translation Studies Workshop
CHIN30024 Understanding the New Media in China
GEND30003 Gender at Work in the Work