The following subjects are now accepting applications for sessional tutoring positions in semester 1 2018:

Subject code Subject name
AHIS10001Art History: Theory and Controversy
AHIS20002Australian Art
AHIS20011Renaissance Art in Florence and Venice
AHIS20016Art and Revolution
AHIS30003The Age of Golden Ages: Art in Europe
AHIS30005Contemporary Aboriginal Art
AHIS30020Contemporary Art
AHIS90005History and Philosophy of Museums
AMGT90001Arts Management
CULS30004Thinking Sex
CWRI10001Creative Writing: Ideas and Practice
CWRI20005Creative Non Fiction
CWRI30006Poetry and Poetics
CWRI30014Advanced Screenwriting
CWRI40004Theory For Writing
ENGL20009The Australian Imaginary
ENGL20020Romanticism, Feminism, Revolution
ENGL20022Modernism and Avant Garde
ENGL20031Adaptation and Transgression
ENGL20032Poetry, Love, and Death
ENGL30006Global Literature and Postcolonialism
ENGL30007Genre Fiction/Popular Fiction
ENGL30016Decadent Literature
ENGL30046Romancing the Medieval
ENGL30048Performance and the World
ENGL10002Literature and Performance
CWRI40010Contemporary Fictions
MECM10003Media and Society
MECM20006Understanding Australian Media
MECM20010Comparing Media Systems
MECM20013Writing Journalism
MECM30015Media and Communications Project
MECM30016Digital Media Research
MECM40003Researching Audiences and Reception
MECM40006Public Relations and Communications
MECM90034Marketing and Media in a Global Context
MECM90036Foundations of Marketing and Communication
MECM90007Media Convergence and Digital Culture
MECM30018Media Psychology
MECM90016Representation and Advocacy
MECM90038Researching Media and Communications
MECM90035Integrated Marketing Communications
MECM90039Understanding Media and Communications
SCRN10001Introduction to Cinema Studies
SCRN20011Hollywood and Entertainment
SCRN30001Art Cinema and the Love Story
SCRN40003Ethnographic and Documentary Cinema
PUBL90015Publishing Project