The following subjects are now accepting applications for casual tutoring in semester 1 2018:

Subject code Subject title
ANCW10001 Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
ANCW20019 The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic
ANCW20022 Ancient Greece: History and Archaeology
ANCW30011 Underworld and Afterlife
CLAS10006 Latin 1
HIST10007 Medieval Plague, War and Heresy
HIST10014 The Great War 1914 to 1918
HIST20013 The Holocaust & Genocide
HIST20059 American History: Revolution to WWII
HIST20060 Total War: World War II
HIST20077 Britain in the Wider World 1603-1815
HIST30004 A History of Sexualities
HIST30064 Controversies in Australian History
HIST30065 USA and the World
HIST30066 Cold War Cultures in Asia
HPSC10001 Science and Pseudoscience
HPSC20020God and the Natural Sciences
HPSC20023Sex in Science
HPSC30034Magic, Reason, New Worlds, 1450-1750
JEWI20007Modern Israel: Good Bad and Disputed
MULT10016 Reason
PHIL10002 Philosophy: The Big Questions
PHIL20038 Nietzsche and Critics
PHIL20039The Nature of Reality
PHIL20044 The Ethics of Capitalism
PHIL30052 Race and Gender: Philosophical Issues
UNIB10003 An Ecological History of Humanity
UNIB10014 Philosophy, Politics and Economics