The following subjects are now accepting applications for sessional tutoring positions in semester 1 2018:

Subject code Subject name
ESLA10003 Academic English 1
ESLA10005 Academic English: Economics and Business
FREN10004 French 1
FREN10001 French 3
FREN10006 French 5
FREN20019 French 7
GERM10004 German 1
GERM10001 German 3
GERM20007 German 5
GERM20009 German 9
GERM30002 German Cultural Studies C
ITAL10004 Italian 1
ITAL10001 Italian 3
ITAL10006 Italian 5
ITAL10009 Italian 7
ITAL30007 To Hell with Dante
LING10002 Intercultural Communication
LING20005 Phonetics
LING20011 Grammar of English
LING30007 Semantics
LING30012 Language and Identity
LING90002 Presenting Academic Discourse
MULT10015 Language
POLS90042 Latin America in the World
RUSS10001 Russian 1
RUSS20004 Russian 3
RUSS20006 Russian 5
RUSS40006 Russian Language & Culture 4A
SPAN10001 Spanish 1
SPAN10003 Spanish 3
SPAN10007 Spanish 5
SPAN20022 Spanish 7
SPAN20001 Hispanic Cultural Studies
SPAN30021 Exploring Latin America
UNIB20018 Going Places - Travelling Smarter
UNIB20019 Cultures & Flavours of Latin America