Questions The Policy Lab Asks

Questions the Policy Lab asks

What shapes policy decisions?

The Policy Lab explores how we get the policy we get. It specialises in the study of public policy that addresses complex societal problems and the local effects of large scale shifts and global trends. Its research considers policy framing, the use of expertise, the impact of public opinion, different types of individual and collective actors, and how institutional and contextual factors shape policy decisions.

How do policy systems and processes operate?

The Policy Lab examines policy systems. Public policymaking is widely understood as a structured and logical process of problem solving led by the government. Yet the actual practice of policymaking is often far more complex. Through examining policy systems in a variety of contexts, The Policy Lab provides informed understandings of how policymaking works in practice.

What works in policy design?

The Policy Lab uses sophisticated methods to assess the impact of policy design and decisions. This includes studying policies in motion and adjusting these as they are being implemented, as well as behavioural experiments, computer modelling, and large scale comparative analysis of quantitative data. The Policy Lab team holds expertise and experience in a range of policy sectors, including health, employment, education, environment, and social services.