Medieval Round Table

Winchester King Arthur's Round Table cake By Hannah Vanyai
Winchester King Arthur's Round Table Cake
by Hannah Vanyai

The Medieval Round Table is an informal discussion group open to interested students, academics and independent scholars. The Round Table meets monthly, usually on the first Monday of the month for presentations of papers, discussions of participants' work in progress, discussions of readings etc.


Professor Stephanie Trigg
School of Culture and Communication

Andrew Stephenson
School of Historical and Philosophical Studies

To be added to the mailing list please email Andrew Stephenson


6:15 pm except where noted otherwise below.


To be confirmed for 2018.

Programme for 2018

5 February

Sandy Whittem, School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne

5 March

9 April

John Weretka - University of Divinity

7 May

4 June

2 July

6 August

3 September

1 October

12 November (2nd Monday)

3 December

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