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MUP Islamic Studies Series

PhD Supervision

The Centre offers research supervision across a wide range of areas such as modern Islamic thought, philosophy, politics, literature and law.

The Centre's three universities are well known for their substantial undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as research excellence in Arabic and Islamic Studies. The Centre engages widely published teaching and research staff who are internationally renowned for their research expertise in their respective fields. Many are regularly awarded research grants by national and international agencies and hold joint appointments in a range of academic departments including medicine, political science, history and law.

Prospective candidates interested in pursuing postgraduate research in the Centre are advised to contact a potential supervisor and discuss their research proposals before submitting an application. The Centres research focus and interests can be found below.

Scholarship Information

Listed below are links to various scholarship programs for prospective candidates interested in pursuing postgraduate research in Australia.

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AusAID Scholarship Programs

Endeavour Awards

JASON: Postgraduate Scholarship Database for Australia

Research Focus and Interests

Prof Abdullah Saeed

  • Negotiation of text and context, ijtihad and interpretation in Islamic thought
  • Qur'anic hermeneutics
  • Islamic law reform
  • Islamic law and freedom of religion
  • Islam and human rights
  • Islamic thought in Indonesia
  • Muslim communities in Australia
  • Christian-Muslim relations

Dr. Abdul-Samad Abdullah

  • Arabic poetry of West Africa/ West African Arabic literature
  • Arabic poetry in Qur’anic narratives
  • Modern and classical Arabic literature
  • Arabic rhetoric and stylistics
  • Modern Islamic thought
  • Qur’anic exegesis
  • Islam in West Africa

Dr. Muhammad Kamal

  • Modern Islamic thought
  • Philosophies of Hegel
  • Western Existentialism
  • Philosophies of Heidegger
  • Mulla Sadra’s existential philosophy

A/Prof. Richard Pennell

  • Modern political history
  • History of North Africa, particularly Morocco and Libya
  • History of criminal trials abroad and national identity
  • History of armed jihad