Melbourne University Publishing Islamic Studies Series

In conjunction with the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, Melbourne University Publishing (MUP) Islamic Studies Series is a research publication series promoting scholarly studies on Islam.

The Islamic Studies Series (ISS) offers a welcome opportunity for Australia-based scholars to bring their research activity to the attention of the national and international academic community. It is hoped that the series will contribute to the consolidation of the community of scholars on Islamic and Muslim affairs, and serve as a tool to showcase Australian research excellence internationally.

Books in the ISS are based on original research and represent a number of disciplines including anthropology, cultural studies, sociology and political science.

Topics of interest

All original research on Islam and issues pertaining to Islamic and Muslim affairs in Australia and beyond will be considered. Submissions may range from cultural studies of the Muslim diaspora, to theological explorations of Islam and the international repercussions of Islamic militancy. Submissions on contemporary issues are strongly encouraged.

Selection process

All submissions need to be based on primary research. Earlier published material will not be considered. Books in the ISS are refereed publications that are committed to research excellence. The Series Editor’s decision to publish will be based on the referee reports of two anonymous referees.

Length of monographs

Submissions should not exceed 45,000 words (including references). An ideal monograph is 35,000 words plus references.

About the publisher

Melbourne University Publishing Ltd inherits the proud 80-year history of Melbourne University Press, which was founded in 1922. The MUP Academic Monograph Series showcases the very best of Australian academic research and writing from a broad range of disciplines. Books published into the MUP Academic Monograph Series are available at all leading campus bookstores, and also as e-books and print-on-demand hard copy books at MUP’s online store.

MUP Islamic Studies Series available

  • ISS24: Securitising Identity
  • ISS23: Heroes, villains and the muslim exception
  • ISS22: Indian Muslims
  • ISS21: Possible Spaces of Somali Belonging
  • ISS20: Imam Samudra's Revenge
  • ISS19: The Phenomenology of Community Activism
  • ISS18: Battle for the Flag
  • ISS17: The Contemporary Middle East
  • ISS16: Islamic Family Law in Australia
  • ISS15: Family Law and Australian Muslim Women new
  • ISS14: Islam and Society
  • ISS13: Making Australian Foreign Policy on Israel-Palestine
  • ISS12: The Arab Revolutions in Context
  • ISS11: Women's Human Rights and the 'Muslim Question'
  • ISS10: Muslims in the West and the Challenges of Representation and National Belonging
  • ISS9: Banning Islamic Books in Australia
  • ISS8: The Afghanistan Conflict and Australia’s Role
  • ISS7: Islam and Contemporary Civilisation
  • SS6: Muslims in Australia
  • ISS5: Challenging Identities
  • ISS4: Islam and the Australian News Media
  • ISS3: Political Culture and Conflict Resolution
  • ISS2: Identity, Education and Belonging
  • ISS1: Islam and the Question of Reform

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MUP Islamic Studies Series' Board of Advisors

Associate Professor Syed Farid Alatas
Department of Sociology
National University of Singapore

Professor Howard V. Brasted
Director, UNE Asia Centre
University of New England

Professor John Esposito
Director, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding
University Professor of Religion and International Affairs
Georgetown University

Emeritus Professor Riaz Hassan AM, FASSA
ARC Australian Professorial Fellow
Department of Sociology
Flinders University

Professor Robert Hefner
Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs
Boston University

Professor Michael Humphrey
Chair, Department of Sociology and Social Policy
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry
University of Sydney

Professor William Maley AM
Director, Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy
Australian National University

Professor James Piscatori
Head, School of Government and International Affairs
Durham University

Professor Abdullah Saeed AM
Sultan of Oman Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies
Director, National Centre for Contemporary Islamic Studies
University of Melbourne

Professor Amin Saikal AM
Director, Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (The Middle East and Central Asia)
Australian National University

Professor Samina Yasmeen
Director, Centre for Muslim States and Societies
School of Social and Cultural Studies
University of Western Australia