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The Faculty of Arts offers a unique range of scholarships to provide scholars with opportunities for development and research in the humanities, social sciences and languages.

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Shakespeare Scholarship

This prize is awarded to the student who submits the best essay of not less than 4000 words or more than 5000 words, in the opinion of the English and Theatre Studies department Board of Examiners, School of Culture and Communication, on the subject of Shakespeare.

The scholarhip offers $5,200 to students who are 1/ enrolled in the course for the degree of bachelor of Arts who are undertaking a Second, Third or Fourth Year English subject, and 2/ Persons who have qualified not more than one year previously for the degree of Bachelor of Arts (ordinary degree) with a major in English. 'English' relates to English and Theatre Studies.


Statue or scholarship: A vexed question

Melbourne's debate (in 1864) endowed the University with the Shakespeare Scholarship: a tradition that continues to educate Shakespeare scholars in the Faculty of Arts today. But it was not established without controversy. 100 years later, the scholarship has proven itself an apt memorial and is still supporting the education of young scholars.

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Applications for the Shakespeare Scholarship are open now until Tuesday 31 January 2017.

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