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Eric Ormond Baker Scholarship

An opportunity to make a splash in the entertainment industry

Are you interested in a career in the entertainment industry? A new scholarship in the Faculty of Arts gives the opportunity for a unique internship

Mixing arts and business in the entertainment world

Graeme Baker understands the importance of business sense in the entertainment world. That's why passions for the arts, entertainment and media drew him towards the Executive Master of Arts at The University of Melbourne. The degree paid its dividends, with Mr Baker's course experience leading him to an internship in the entertainment capital of the world - Los Angeles.

Mr Baker has now given back to a new generation of students, establishing the Eric Ormond Baker Charitable Scholarship. The scholarship will be the first postgraduate award to span the Faculty of Arts and the Melbourne School of Design and will reward students in the emerging and highly innovative field of 'Global Themed Entertainment'.

The first Eric Ormond Baker Scholarships will be awarded this year by the School of Culture and Communication in the Faculty of Arts. It is expected to then be available through the Melbourne School of Design in 2017 for Victorian-based higher degree students with the desire to expand their expertise of culture in the built environments.

Professor Angela Ndalianis with Graeme Baker

Mr Baker has been the co-trustee of the Eric Ormond Baker Charitable Trust for almost 40 years, during which time many not-for-profit institutions have benefited from funding for poverty relief, scientific research and public education. The trust honours Mr Baker's uncle, Eric Ormond Baker, who was President of the Victoria Ambulance Service from 1940 to 1968.

This new scholarship will provide students with a wonderful opportunity to combine industry experience with their studies.

"My desire is for other students, with acumen, devotion and passion for the arts, to gain meaningful international exposure to the global entertainment industry," Mr Baker said. "One of the most difficult aspects of my international internship was funding travel, accommodation and daily expenses. The Eric Ormond Baker Scholarship will significantly reduce the financial impediment of an international internship, creating an equitable path for eligible students."

Professor Angela Ndalianis, from the School of Culture and Communication, praised Mr Baker's gift.

"Theming is one of the major strategies of the entertainment industry and has been growing from strength to strength over the last decade," she said. "The Eric Ormond Baker Scholarship will provide students with an opportunity to fund an internship with major conglomerates. Such placements will give them access to archival, creative, production and marketing expertise within the entertainment industry."

Applications for the Eric Ormond Baker Scholarship are open now until Friday 16 September 2016.

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