International engagement at the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts PR China Strategy focuses on:

  • Building strong partnerships with our partners
  • Creating global experiences for our students
  • Attracting, training and mentoring the next generation of scholars of China
  • Producing and disseminating China-focused knowledge.
  • Facilitating a global China initiative, building a regional study hub for Chinese studies.

Welcome from the Deputy Associate Dean International (PR China)

The approach in Arts leverages off the broader University of Melbourne Engaging with China 2020-2024 strategy.

China is and will remain one of the University of Melbourne’s most important partners. The University is seeking to build on existing engagement and expertise to position the University  as a partner of choice for China and as a leading influencer of global conversations on China and China-related issues.

Headshot of Anthony Spires
Associate Professor Anthony Spires

The University’s Engaging with China 2020-2024 strategy is centred on the goal of creating value through innovation and education and is based on the principle of mutual benefit, with the aim of creating value and delivering equal benefits to our Chinese collaborators and to the University. To achieve this ambition, the University has identified two streams of activity: building an inclusive community and confronting global challenges together.

The University of Melbourne will collaborate with Chinese partners to find lasting solutions to the following shared issues:

  1. People, place and Culture
  2. Environment and climate change
  3. Governance and institutions
  4. Health and wellbeing
  5. Urbanisation and infrastructure.

The University’s China engagement plan, in conjunction with strategies for Indonesia and India, demonstrates our long-term commitment to meaningful engagement with the broader Asia and Pacific region. The University looks to a future of unlimited potential.

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Associate Professor Anthony Spires
Deputy Associate Dean International (China)


The University of Melbourne offers study in Chinese Language and Chinese Studies, enabling undergraduate students to complement language study with subjects on Chinese culture and society.

The University’s connections to China have been forged over several decades and are informed by the rich history of the Australian Chinese community in Australia. The first China-related subject ‘Far Eastern History’ was launched in the 1950s and, thanks to a donation from the Myer Foundation, the Department of Oriental Studies welcomed its first students in 1961.The study of Chinese language, culture, history, and society offers insights into China’s fascinating past and challenging present.

As the world’s second largest economy, the People’s Republic of China's future importance for Australia is hard to overestimate. China’s current level of investment in research and development in the tertiary sector indicates that China is poised to make a very rapid transition to a ‘knowledge economy’. This is a matter of direct relevance for the career planning of today’s undergraduates.

The Bund, Shanghai

Chinese Studies

Teaching is informed by staff research in a wide variety of different fields, including language teaching and many aspects of contemporary and traditional China. One area of strong concentration is research on Regional Cultures and Linguistics, and the sociological study of contemporary China and overseas Chinese.

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The University of Melbourne is proud to host multiple centres and institutes that focus on China-related research and strengthen our understanding of China and the wider Asian region, and one of them is  the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies (CCCS), which was established in the Asia Institute in the Faculty of Arts in 2013, with a focus on research and engagement.

birds eye view of cityscape in China

Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies

The CCCS 's mission is to facilitate high-quality research, teaching and engagement  that furthers our understanding of China’s ongoing transformation and the impacts within and beyond China. CCCS enhances Australia’s bilateral partnerships with top Chinese universities and acts as a hub for contemporary China studies in Melbourne.

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From Left to Right: Professor Mark Wang, Mr Chunming Guo, Ms Martine Letts, Professor Duncan Maskell, Consul-General Jianhua Zeng, Professor Michael Wesley, Professor Sarah Biddulph. Standing in-front of Asialink banner
From Left to Right: Professor Mark Wang, Mr Chunming Guo, Ms Martine Letts, Professor Duncan Maskell, Consul-General Jianhua Zeng, Professor Michael Wesley, Professor Sarah Biddulph

Australia-China Forum marking 50th anniversary of Australia-China diplomatic relations

To mark the occasion of 50 years of Australia-China diplomatic relations, the Faculty of Arts Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies, Chancellery International and Asialink partnered to host a highly successful “Building the Future Together” forum.

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China focussed researchers

Person Position Phone Email
Dr Li Du Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies
Prof Jia Gao Professor of Chinese Studies +61383448428
Prof Adrian Hearn Professor in Latin American Studies
Prof Hyun Jin Kim Professor in Classics +61390357461
A/Prof Ester Leung Associate Professor Of Translation Studies (Chinese) +61383444893
Dr Louisa Lim Senior Lecturer in Audio Visual Journalism +61390353921
A/Prof Delia Lin Associate Professor in Chinese Studies +61 3 8344 3387
Prof Yongxian Luo Professor in Chinese Studies
Prof Timothy Lynch Professor in American Politics; Associate Dean (International) Faculty of Arts +61390354059
Prof Fran Martin Head of Program, Associate Professor in Cultural Studies +61383445486
Dr Lewis Mayo Lecturer in Asian Studies +61383448907
Tania Miletic Assistant Director, Peacebuilding Initiative
Dr Xin Pei Lecturer in Media and Communication +61383444560
A/Prof Claire Roberts Associate Professor of Art History and Curatorship
Dr Sarah Rogers Senior Lecturer In Contemporary Chinese Studies
Dr Craig Smith Senior Lecturer In Translation Studies (Chinese) +61383444630
A/Prof Anthony Spires Deputy Associate Dean International (China); Deputy Director, Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies; Associate Professor in Contemporary Chinese Studies +61383443874
Dr Monica Tan Research Fellow
Dr Pradeep Taneja Deputy Associate Dean International (India); Senior Lecturer in Asian Studies
Dr Sow Keat Tok Lecturer In Chinese Studies
A/Prof Nicole Tse Senior Lecturer in Cultural Materials Conservation
Prof Andrew Walter Professor in International Relations +61390359633
Prof Mark Wang Director, Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies
Dr Wilfred Wang Lecturer in Media and Society +61383445384
Ms Ruonan Zeng Principal Tutor in Chinese Studies +61383449770
Dr Dashi Zhang Subject Coordinator in Media and Communications
Dr Shaoming Zhou Senior Lecturer Chinese Studies; Chinese Studies Convenor

Major partners

Our current PRC partners

Fudan University

Renmin University

Chinese Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)

Shaanxi Provide Institute of Archaeology

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Jinan University

Zhengzhou University

Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)

More information

For more information about the Faculty of Arts international engagement strategy (China), please contact our Manager, International Strategy.

Deputy Associate Dean International (China)
Associate Professor Anthony Spires
+61 3 8344 3874