International engagement at the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts India Strategy focuses on:

  • Strengthening our existing partnerships and developing new ones
  • Creating global experiences for our students
  • Attracting, training and mentoring the next generation of scholars of India
  • Creating and sharing India-focused knowledge
  • Showcasing more Indian voices.

Welcome from the Deputy Associate Dean International (India)

The Faculty of Arts is committed to developing and sustaining meaningful partnerships with Indian educational institutions. The University of Melbourne recognises the Humanities, Arts, and the Social Sciences (HASS) as key areas where mutually beneficially and important research collaboration, exchanges, and engagement can be established with partner institutions in India.

Headshot of Dr Pradeep Taneja
Senior Lecturer Dr Pradeep Taneja

Following the India vision document of the University 2020-2024, the Faculty of Arts focuses on students’ pedagogy, innovative research connecting industry, and continuing ties with the broader alumni community in India and Australia. We collaborate with the Australia India Institute, Asialink, and the Australian Researcher Corporation Hub (ARCH) to promote and strengthen key research and partnerships in the humanities and social sciences.

The University’s commitment to mentoring and strengthening relationships with partner institutions in India is visible in the ongoing Leading Together program, a collaboration between undergraduate students at the Faculty of Arts and at four institutions across India. We believe that strong collaborations and relationships are founded on mutual trust, commitment, and supporting critical knowledge and ideas. These core values are key for the University of Melbourne to become a world class centre for India-focused research in the humanities and the social sciences. Alongside our partners in India, we are working together to shape societies that are healthy, sustainable, and technologically sophisticated, equal, inclusive, well-governed, and we aspire for Australia and India to become global knowledge partners.

Dr Pradeep Taneja
Deputy Associate Dean International (India)


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Leading Together conference

A transnational, inter-disciplinary and intersectional discourse on women and leadership. Leading Together is a collaboration between undergraduate students at the Faculty of Arts and undergraduate students at four institutions across India.

Learn more about the conference

India focussed researchers

Person Position Phone Email
Dr Dolly Kikon Senior Lecturer in Development Studies; Deputy Associate Dean (International – India) +61383449446
Dr Amanda Gilbertson Senior Lecturer in Anthropology and Development Studies
Pradeep Taneja Deputy Associate Dean International (India); Senior Lecturer in Asian Studies +61383446585
Associate Professor Beth Driscoll Deputy Head of School; Associate Professor In Publishing and Communications +61390353029

Major Partners

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Pune University

Stella Maris and Leading Together conference

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More information

For more information about the Faculty of Arts international engagement strategy (India), please contact our Manager, International Strategy.

Manager, International Strategy
Amy Burton Aldwikat
+61 3 8344 6896