PRIME Social Sciences

Established in 2021, the Partnership in Research Indonesia and Melbourne (PRIME) is a multi-million-dollar collaboration between the Indonesian Government, the University of Melbourne, and leading Indonesian universities.

Research projects are now underway in Health and Social Sciences, with projects in Engineering soon to follow.

Project details

Project Title

Asian Countries’ Strategies to Cope with COVID-19 Pandemic

Principal Investigator

Prof. Evi Fitriani, Universitas Indonesia (Asia Research Centre)

Co-Principal Investigator

Prof. Andrew Rosser, University of Melbourne (Asia Institute)

About PRIME Social Sciences

The University of Indonesia’s Asia Research Centre and the University of Melbourne’s Asia Institute have agreed to carry out research collaboration entitled Producing Knowledge on Asia for Indonesia (PRIME) which has been held during 4 (four) consecutive years (2021-2025). PRIME Social's research focus is the Asian Countries' Strategies to Cope with the Pandemic of COVID -19.

The theme on Asian states and societies’ strategies in coping with the pandemic of COVID-19 is being undertaken by three sub-teams with different focuses and by partnerships consisting of an inter-disciplinary research team.

  • Sub-team 1 focuses on Asian states’ strategies to cope with the pandemic of Covid-19 by observing states’ policies domestically and in international relations, in particular engagements with other Asian states, international institutions and -perhaps- diaspora.
  • Sub team 2 focuses on Asian states’ strategies to cope with the pandemic of COVID-19 by observing inequalities and social resilience; as well as their borders, trans-national social mobility, and quarantine policies.
  • Sub-team 3 focuses on cooperation of states with civil society organization in coping with COVID -19 pandemic in several Asian countries by observing states and religious and cultural movement, pop culture dynamic and youth movement, and as well states and many civil society organizations related to gender and women issues.


The output targets for the second year are: 4 (four) journal articles submitted for international reputable journals, (Q1 and Q2 standards), one draft of a national book for the Indonesian public, one policy brief series published, and two popular articles published.

Currently, the outputs of PRIME Social have been achieved for the second year are: one journal article published (Q1), one journal article accepted (Q2), one journal article submitted (Q1), and one second draft article journal will be submitted to Journal of Contemporary China (Q1).

Other outputs

Book cover

Policy Brief

The Role of Social Sciences in Southeast Asian Government Responses to the Pandemic of COVID-19. By: Inaya Rakhmani, Panji Anugerah Permana and Wahyu Adiningtyas.

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