The Faculty is led by the Dean and supported by the Faculty Executive Director, and the Faculty Executive.

Faculty Leadership

Dean: Professor Russell Goulbourne
Acting Faculty Executive Director: Mathilde Lochert
Faculty Executive

Welcome from the Dean

"We are a diverse Faculty with a commitment to innovation and community engagement, offering programs as wide-ranging as Indigenous Studies, Classics and Asian languages. We provide employment-relevant specialisations in such fields as public policy, journalism, linguistics, cultural conservation and development studies."

Whatever path you choose I know that you will have an exciting and rewarding experience at Melbourne. I warmly welcome you to the Arts community. Professor Russell Goulbourne, Dean - Faculty of Arts

Professor Russell Goulbourne is the Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne. He is a noted French literature scholar and was Professor of French Literature at King’s College London, where he also served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities from January 2014 to July 2018. He is an engaged scholar with a passion for the role of arts and humanities in an evolving knowledge economy.

Professor Russell Goulbourne
Professor Russell Goulbourne, Dean, Faculty of Arts,
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Faculty Governance

The Faculty Board and the Arts Faculty Executive Committee chaired by the Dean are the two key governance fora for the Faculty of Arts, with the Humanities Foundation Board established in 2013 to oversee the Faculty’s fundraising efforts in support of the humanities disciplines.

Arts Faculty Executive Committee (AFEC) membership:

  • Chair, Professor Russell Goulbourne, Dean
  • Professor Sarah Maddison (Deputy Dean)
  • Professor Margaret Cameron, Head, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies
  • Professor Jennifer Milam, Head, School of Culture and Communication
  • Professor Vedi Hadiz, Director, Asia Institute
  • Professor Lesley Stirling, Head, School of Languages and Linguistics
  • Associate Professor Parshia Lee-Stecum, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)
  • Associate Professor Kate MacNeill, Associate Dean (Graduate Studies and Research Training)
  • Professor Karen Farquharson, Head, School of Social and Political Sciences
  • Professor Jenny Lewis, Associate Dean (Research)
  • Associate Professor Sara Wills, Associate Dean (Engagement and Advancement)
  • Ms. Mathilde Lochert, Acting Faculty Executive Director

Arts Faculty Board

The Faculty Board considers key matters of Faculty business for the purpose of wider collegial consultation, including consideration of the minutes of the Faculty Standing Committees. The Board comprises nominees from the Faculty Schools, representatives of other Faculties and University bodies, and student representatives.

Faculty Standing Committees:

  • Bachelor of Arts Course Standing Committee
  • Research and Research Training Committee
  • Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Committee of Disciplines
  • Engagement Committee
  • Graduate Studies Committee
  • Equal Opportunity and Diversity Committee
  • Library Committee
  • OHS Committee