Graduate Coursework

The graduate program in Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Studies is an inter-departmental program jointly offered by several Schools of the Faculty of Arts, each respected for its outstanding scholarship and particular strengths in this area of study.

The program is flexibly designed and will appeal to students with an interest in ancient, medieval and early modern literature, language, culture, history and society. Students may also take selected subjects offered by the Faculties of Music and Architecture, Building and Planning.

The structure of graduate study is designed to cater for scholarly interests that range from the general to the highly specialised. The best possible resources and facilities are available to students of Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Studies and academic supervision for higher degree students in the program can be provided by a number of Schools, including Historical and Philosophical Studies, Culture and Communication and Language and Linguistics.

This web page includes information about the interdisciplinary graduate coursework programs offered by the Faculty of Arts. You should consult with members of staff in the relevant Schools, especially if you are interested in the Graduate Diploma, the MA or the PhD.

Coursework programmes

Graduate Certificate in Arts (GC-ARTS)

A Graduate Certificate allows you to complete a comprehensive six-month course of study, choosing from more than 25 discipline areas. It is particularly useful if you are returning to tertiary study after time away from an academic environment.

Graduate Diploma in Arts (GD-ARTS)

The Graduate Diploma is similar to an undergraduate major and ideally suited as an introduction to the new discipline. This course is suitable for professional development and also a preparatory program if you intend to study at a higher level in an area you have not studied previously.

Graduate Certificate in Arts (Advanced) (GCA-ARTS)

The Graduate Certificate in Arts (Advanced) allows students to undertake coursework subjects in a specialist field of study at an advanced level.

Graduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced) (GDA-ARTS)

The Graduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced) allows you to undertake a minor research subject and coursework subjects in a specialist field of study at an advanced level. This course is equivalent to an Arts Honours program if the thesis component is taken. It serves as prerequisite entry to a Masters by Research or PhD for those who have not completed a four-year Arts (Honours) degree in the relevant area.

Principal areas of specialisation

Supervision and teaching are offered in a wide range of disciplinary fields, historical periods and regional areas, including classical and medieval languages, palaeography and manuscript studies, early European and British history, art history (especially Italian art), archaeology, literary culture (especially English literary studies) and medievalism studies. Many of the subjects offered are interdisciplinary in scope and joint supervision of research projects is often possible. Each School has a web site that lists the principal areas of specialisation of its staff.