Translation and Interpreting Studies

The Master of Translation and Interpreting at the University will give you comprehensive theoretical, practical and academic training to prepare you for your career across Chinese and English-speaking worlds.

Why Translation and Interpreting Studies?

Translation/interpreting studies equip you with advanced bilingual and cross-cultural communication skills. Master’s level trans-lingual and cultural communication skills are highly valued in our globalised world.

Why Translation and Interpreting at the University of Melbourne?

The Master of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Melbourne is a language specific program focusing on Chinese and English. It is endorsed by NAATI (National Authority for Accreditation for Translators and Interpreters) at a professional level. Students who successfully complete the program will be eligible to take NAATI examinations for Certified Translator and Certified Advanced Translator between Chinese and English, and Certified Provisional Interpreter, Certified Interpreter and Certified Specialised (Legal) Interpreter between English and Mandarin.

The training of professional translators and interpreters is one of the distinctive features of the program. This training allows students to develop professional careers while working with Australian business leaders. It also provides pathways for careers in government and academic institutions through rigorous training in critical analysis and research skills.

How can I study Translation and Interpreting?

Our Program is aimed at Chinese-English bilinguals who intend to work as academic researchers or professional translators and interpreters. We believe that life itself is a process of translation, and this program will help to translate today’s you into the professional you of tomorrow. If you are competent in both English and Chinese, and curious about the world, you are most welcome to join us.

Translation Studies offer courses for:

See the full list of subjects in the Handbook

Where can it take me?

Our postgraduates have taken up work in roles including:

Translators and interpreters, language and translation tutors, lecturers and researchers, journalists, project managers, business analysts, marketing professionals, and civil servants.

Meet our Asian Studies staff

Ester, S.M. Leung - Associate Professor of Translation Studies (Chinese), Convenor of the Program.
Ester researches legal and medical interpreting studies using action research approaches. She has published in international journals such as the International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, Multilingua, and Interpreting Studies. The impact of her research on medical interpreting has received world-leading (4*) ranking.

Delia Lin - Associate Professor in Chinese Studies.
Delia is a linguist and sociologist. As a NAATI Accredited Translator and Interpreter, she had 12 years of professional experience prior to her tenure academic career in 2010. She is the author of Civilising Citizens in Post-Mao China (Routledge, 2017), and is currently a Chief Investigator in two ARC projects.

Craig A. Smith - Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies (Chinese).
Craig is a historian of translation in modern China and an avid translator. His publications include Chinese Asianism (Harvard University Asia Center, 2021) and the co-edited Translating the Occupation: The Japanese Invasion of China (UBC, 2021).

Yu Hao - Lecturer in Translation Studies
Yu does research on translation and translator education. Her recent research projects focus on the impacts of automation text generation tools (such as machine translation and ChatGPT and the like) on Master level translator education. She has published with the top-ranked journals in Translation Studies, such as Interpreter and Translator Trainer, Across Languages and Cultures and Perspectives.

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A/Prof Delia Lin

Associate Professor in Chinese Studies +61 3 8344 3387
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A/Prof Ester Leung

Associate Professor Of Translation Studies (Chinese) +61383444893
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Dr Craig Smith

Senior Lecturer In Translation Studies (Chinese) +61383444630
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Dr Yu Hao

Lecturer In Translation Studies