Citra Lestari


Asia Institute

Image of Citra Lestari
Image of Citra Lestari

Citra Lestari is a PhD candidate at the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, researching Women, Risk Communication, and Digital Literacy in Indonesia. She has an MSc in International Development from the University of Birmingham, the United Kingdom. She is also equipped with 15 years of experience in the development sector.



Women, Risk Communication, and Digital Literacy

In times of health crises such COVID-19 pandemic, marginalised communities tend to experience otherness and are perceived as 'ignorant others' who do not adhere to the government's/experts' instructions. This research argues that rather than looking for the best way to influence the community with information that the experts or the governments think they need, risk communication should start from the bottom up by understanding their perceptions and needs toward risk. The research investigates how marginalised communities, especially low-income women in Indonesia, find and understand risk information and communicate most effectively with a different range of actors in the context of health crises.

Research interests

  • Gender Studies
  • Gendered Risk
  • Risk Communication
  • Digital Literacy