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Having completed my Master of International Relations last year, my Thesis explored the development of populism since the Chinese Communist Party took power in 1949. The strong connection between Chinese populism and Chinese nationalism exposed me to theories such as Sinicisation, thus sparking an interest on completing work in this realm.



How has the process of Sinicisiation impacted the social cohesion between generational cohorts of the Tibetan diaspora living in exile?

This project seeks to explore the ways that the process of Sinicisation has impacted different generational cohorts amongst the Tibetan diaspora. The process of Sinicisation is a historical process whereby China has sought to increase its influence on its outer states through assimilatory practices. Whilst this process has existed since the Northern and Southern Dynasties period (420-589), its modern form carries with it implications for the Tibetan people living in exile, and as time in exile increases, it is expected that the impacts of Sinicisation may be compounding on younger generations.

Research interests

  • Sinicisation
  • Human Rights
  • Migration Studies
  • Refugee Studies
  • Chinese Society
  • Chinese History
  • Chinese Politics
  • Democratic Functions