Jesslyn Giovanni Mulyanto


Asia Institute

Image of Jesslyn Giovanni Mulyanto
Image of Jesslyn Giovanni Mulyanto

Jesslyn Giovanni Mulyanto (she/her) is a PhD student at Asia Institute, Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne. Her project shows her interest in computational propaganda that merges social media, identity, and politics, especially during the presidential election in Indonesia. She holds a Master's and a Bachelor of Communication, both from Airlangga University, Indonesia, and is a recipient of the Melbourne Research Scholarship.



Ethno-religious Computational Propaganda on Twitter: A Case of Indonesian Presidential Elections since 2014

Her research aims to expose the relationship between the anti-Chinese narrative and political contestation in Indonesia. It aims to uncover reasons for the recurring use of the anti-Chinese narrative as computational propaganda evident on Twitter in the 2014 and the 2019 presidential elections with Chantal Mouffe's agonistic pluralism approach, along with mapping out evidence of its continuity and difference in strategies and techniques. With another election coming in 2024, this research also anticipates seeing if the narrative will be put into use again. This research will employ mixed methods, utilizing social network analysis (SNA) to capture the pattern in deployment and doing in-depth interviews with various informants to further understand the underlying motives for the narrative continual presence in Indonesian elections on Twitter for the last decade.

Research interests

  • Political Communication
  • Identity Politics