Leiheng Wang


Asia Institute

Image of Leiheng Wang
Image of Leiheng Wang

Miss Leiheng Wang is a PhD candidate at Asia Institute in the University of Melbourne and was previously a student at the University of Edinburgh (2018-2020) and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (2014-2018). She focuses on the research of national identity and nationalism in East Asia. Specifically, the comparisons of national identity in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau from the perspective of history education. Her research interests include nationalism, national identity, China studies, history education, and political sociology.



(Re)Constructing National Identity in the Post-Colonial Era -  Based on the Comparisons of History Education Systems in Hong Kong and Macau

As two territories reverting to China and experiencing the colonial transition in the 1990s, Hong Kong and Macau share many commons in history, culture, language environment, and politics (Xie, Ng, Zou& Wang 2018). They are not just geographically close to each other but also share similar social and historical changes, economic particularity, and political systems. Why can this divergence exist in such two similar territories under the same rule of the central government? To figure it out, this research will explore the divergence as well as the formation and reconstruction mechanism from the perspective of history education. Through comparing history education systems in Hong Kong and Macau, the central research question of this research is: Why have different versions of Chinese national identity been (re)constructed through history education in post-colonial Hong Kong and Macau?

Research interests

  • Nationalism
  • National identity
  • History education
  • China studies
  • Political sociology