Michaela Luschmann


Asia Institute

Michaela Luschmann
Michaela Luschmann

Michaela Luschmann is a PhD researcher at the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne. Her expertise lies in the field of gender, sexuality and language, with a focus on qualitative research, social semiotics and indexicality. In an ongoing research project, she investigates transnational discourses of the seduction expert community and the semiotic display of contemporary masculinities in Japanese self help and advice products. She graduated from a Master of Arts in Japanese Studies at the University of Vienna in Austria in 2018.



Experts of seduction - Investigating the construction of seduction expert masculinities in Japanese men's sex and dating advice discourse

Research interests

  • Gender Studies
  • Critical Language Studies
  • Discourse Studies
  • Japanese Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Semiotics