Ratna Erika Suwarno


Asia Institute

Ratna Erika's PhD research centers on the trend of Indonesian YouTube web series in the 2010s. Her interests in literature mixed with her practical film expertise have shaped her passion for pursuing studies in Indonesian media and cultural studies.



Spatiotemporal Construction and Political Economy of Indonesian YouTube Web Series

Indonesia, as one of the largest Internet audiences with the most active YouTube users in the world, has also been experiencing the trend of YouTube web series production. In the last decade, they became a niche and easy access entertainment as well as a 'friendly' format for Indonesian creators. This research aims to develop a comprehensive overview of Indonesian YouTube web series, conduct a critical reading of YouTube web series as a cultural phenomenon in Indonesia, and provide a broader socio historical understanding of YouTube web series as part of Indonesian internet culture and of the contemporary global film culture.

Research interests

  • Cultural studies
  • Literary and media studies
  • Indonesian studies
  • Online films