Ruby Ramsden


Asia Institute

Image of Ruby Ramsden
Image of Ruby Ramsden

Ruby's research focuses on how veganism interacts with cultural identity, and how animal and environmental ethics are expressed through food in Japan and globally. Using action research, Ruby aims to collaborate with local vegans on their aims for the community, and engender cycles of problem definition, action and reflection.



Veganism in Japan: Seeking new definitions and modes of advocacy

Veganism is an increasingly visible and relevant 'lifestyle movement' across the globe. Essentially, veganism represents a growing awareness of inequity in our global food systems, to not only humans, but to nonhuman animals and environments. Yet, veganism is not accessible to everyone, and various geographic, financial and cultural factors influence eating and lifestyle habits. Using an action research framework, Ruby will collaborate with members of the vegan community in Japan to achieve their aims, while exploring how veganism is defined and practised within Japan, and how veganism in Japan can shape our understanding of veganism as a global movement.

Research interests

  • Japanese Studies
  • Vegan Studies
  • Critical Animal Studies