Scott Musgrave-Takeda


Asia Institute

Image of Scott Musgrave-Takeda
Image of Scott Musgrave-Takeda

Scott is a graduate of Griffith University in Brisbane (BA/MA) with a passion to make positive social change through his research. His current passions focus on Okinawa, a long marginalised region within Japan's current national borders.



Shouldering the risk: Environmental civil society, risk and the US military on the Ryukyu Archipelago

Civil society is often burdened with needing to be the voice of the environment and this is the case in Okinawa as well over concerns over pollution in the UNESCO World Heritage Listed, Yanbaru forest and pollution of the region's water with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Using critical ethnography, how civil society are actors responding to these risks and what barriers they face is the focus of this thesis.

Research interests

  • International relations
  • Okinawa studies
  • Civil society in Asia
  • Environmentalism
  • Conservation
  • Environmental pollution