Yahia Ma


Asia Institute

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Image of Yahia Ma

Yahia Ma is a Ph.D. candidate at The University of Melbourne’s Asia Institute. His thesis focuses on the English translations of queer desires in Chinese-language literature. His articles and reviews have appeared in TranscUlturAl: A Journal of Cultural and Translation Studies, TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, Melbourne Asia Review, Babel, The Mandarin, Taiwan Insight, Perspectives, Translation Studies, and elsewhere. Yahia’s translations can be found in Queer Taiwanese Literature: A reader (2021) and Queer Time: A Notebook of Taiwanese Tongzhi Literature (2021). He is a recipient of the National Library of Australia’s Asia Studies Grant (2023) and a recipient of the Library Fellowship offered by The Australian Centre on China in the World (2023). He is currently co-editing a volume on queer literature in the Sinosphere.



Translating Queer Desires in Chinese-Language Literature

Focusing on the English translations of queer desires in Chinese-language literature (including Jin Xing, Wang Xiaobo, Ta-wei Chi, Li Kotomi's novels and short stories), my thesis explores in what ways translation plays a role in the translingual, transcultural, transtemporal circulation of queer sexualities, non-normative forms of sexual desire, and sexual epistemology.

Research interests

  • Queer translation
  • Queer literature
  • Queer subcultures