Past research projects

Name Project title Funding agencyPeriodPartners
Professor Vedi HadizIslam and the left in Indonesia and Turkey Australian Research Council (Discovery) 2018-2020  
Dr Claire Maree and Dr Ikuko NakaneThirty Years of Talk: A Panel Study of Kobe Women’s Interview Discourse Australian Research Council (Discovery) 2017-2019 La Trobe University; Monash University; Osaka University
Professor Akihiro Ogawa and Dr Claudia AstaritaEmbedding the Apology in the Media: How Civil Society Contributes to Reconciliation Toyota Foundation Joint Research Grant 2017-2019  
Professor Andrew RosserEvaluating How Teacher Reforms in Decentralised Indonesia Can Promote Learning Gains United Kingdom Department for International Development and Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE) program. 2017-2020 Social Monitoring and Early Response Unit (SMERU) Research Institute
Professor Andrew RosserTransnationalism and Diaspora: Contributions to Migration and Development Australian Research Council (Discovery) 2017-2020 University of Adelaide, Macquarie University, National University of Singapore
Dr Ken SetiawanUnderstanding the relationship between leadership and human rights promotion in Indonesian human rights discourses at the regional, national and local levels under President Joko Widodo McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, the University of Melbourne 2015-2019  
Professor Christine WongChina’s Poverty during the Process of Urbanization Ford Foundation 2018-2020  
Professor Christine Wong and Dr Sarah RogersRemaking Rural China Australian Research Council (Discovery) 2018-2020