(RAKA) 'Jane Harrison, Jon Bell, Ivan Sen,
Philip Morrissey, RAKA Award, ACMI, 2014’

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The Australian Centre administers a series of prizes for outstanding endeavour in the visual arts, creative writing and biographical studies. The awards are presented on an annual or biennial basis. They are:

Vincent Buckley Poetry Prize

Not offered in 2018

$12,000 approximately (biennial) prize, alternates between supporting an Australian poet to visit Ireland, or an Irish poet to visit Australia.

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Peter Blazey Fellowship

Application closed

$15,000 approximately (annual), for a work in progress in the non-fiction fields of life-writing, biography or autobiography.

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Kate Challis RAKA Award

Application now open, closing 30 September 2018

$20,000 approximately (annual), for Aboriginal writers and artists, presented in a five-year cycle of creative prose, drama, the visual arts, scriptwriting and poetry.

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Dinny O'Hearn Fellowships

Application closed

$5,000 approximately, for an emerging writer in any of the fields of creative writing, poetry, or scriptwriting.

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