Cultural Collisions: Grainger | Griffins The Future of the Object

Session 3: The Material Turn

In recent years, there has been an international push to reimagine the object as part of new active learning pedagogies. The study and design of objects has application across a range of discipline areas and provides a compelling nexus for the consideration of material and digital cultures. Object-based learning, for example, is recognised for its capacity to foster creative thinking, enable kinesthetic learning, provide experiential engagement with primary research methods and materials, and improve learning outcomes and student engagement. This panel will consider a number of case studies focused on the power of objects to shape learning and experiential engagement with knowledge. In particular, it will consider the cultural infrastructure at the University of Melbourne that supports innovative thinking around the nature and possibilities of the object through new kinds of learning spaces.

Chair: Associate Professor Alison Inglis
Keynote Speaker:
Professor Helen Chatterjee
Panellists: Professor Philip Goad, Dr Heather Gaunt, Dr Jas Johnston, Fiona Moore, Professor Angela Ndalianis

Kindly supported by Kerry Gardner and the Australian Institute of Art History and AARnet