Exploring Indigenous Settler Relations (2021)

In the introduction to their edited book Questioning Indigenous-Settler Relations, co-founders of the Indigenous Settler Relations Collaboration (ISRC) Associate Professor Sana Nakata and Professor Sarah Maddison, argue for a scholarship which traverses the interface between First Nations and the settler state through questions of relationality. Three years on from its establishment, the ISRC seeks to return to some foundational questions via the 2021 program of its Critical Public Conversations webinar series. The structure of the webinars will primarily centre partnerships, collaborations, dialogues and conversations happening within the space, to reinforce the concept of relationality as practice. Join us, as we host a range of Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars contributing to the emerging interdisciplinary field of Indigenous settler relations, attending to its possibilities and limitations through critical reflections on what this field is, and what it does.