Whiteness in education

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Webinar summary and key themes

This webinar is the fifth in the Australian Centre's 2022 Critical Public Conversations series:  Undoing Australia.

In this talk Associate Professor Gerrard and Dr Rudolph advance the argument from their newly co-written book, Learning Whiteness: Education and the Settler Colonial State (Sriprakash, Rudolph & Gerrard, 2022 – Pluto Books), that whiteness is not innate, it is learned. The systems of white dominance that operate worldwide are not natural but created and maintained through social and political life. In this presentation they outline how material conditions, knowledge politics and complex feelings operate in education (both formal and informal) through pedagogies of the state to sustain systems of racial domination. Associate Professor Gerrard and Dr Rudolph offer an invitation to listeners to reckon with past and present politics of education to imagine a future thoroughly divested from racism.


Associate Professor Jessica Gerrard is the author of Class in Australia (2022), Precarious Enterprise on the Margins: Work, Homelessness and the City (2017), and Radical Childhoods: Schooling and the Struggle for Social Change (2014).

Dr Sophie Rudolph is a Senior Lecturer in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. She is the author of Unsettling the Gap: Race, Politics and Indigenous Education (2018).

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