Undoing Australia (2022)

In 2022, the Australian Centre’s Critical Public Conversations webinar series will showcase interdisciplinary scholarship that undoes ‘Australia’. The series seeks to denaturalise the settler colonial nation-state and reveal Australia as an unfinished political project; one that is constructed, negotiated, contested, and indeed refused every day. The webinars will question how, where, when, why and for whom the colony manifests, interrogating key nation-building sites such as policy, law, education, literature, and the media.

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Counter-monuments image credit: Julie Gough, MISSING or DEAD (2019) 185 printed posters first installed in “The Queen’s Domain” forest, Hobart, June 2019, during Dark Mofo. Ink on rag photographique paper, each 34 x 21.2 cm, designed in collaboration with Margaret Woodward