What Does Success in Indigenous Higher Education Look Like? (2020)

In her chapter in the book Questioning Indigenous-Settler Relations, Assoc Prof Nikki Moodie asks ‘What does success in Indigenous higher education look like?’ (2019, p. 107). Is it enough for universities to simply enrol more Indigenous students? Is it enough for more Indigenous students to be completing qualifications? Have ‘our ideas of success [been] adopted simply because they are easy to measure?’ (2019, p. 113) Challenging the reader to think beyond metrics and parity targets, to ‘a challenge at the heart of Indigenous-settler relations’ (2019, p. 117). In the second program of the Indigenous Settler Relations Collaboration’s Critical Public Conversations series, the ISRC has invited Indigenous and settler scholars and educators to contribute to this conversation and to discuss Moodie’s call to ‘seize the future and imagine bold, new – Indigenous – futures’ (2019, p. 121).