Re-imagining Humanities through Indigenous Creative Arts

Grant type

Discovery Indigenous


  • Dr Ali Baker (CI)
  • Dr Simone Tur (CI)
  • A/Prof Katerina Teaiwa (CI)
  • Mrs Faye Blanch (CI)
  • Dr Natalie Harkin (CI)
  • Dr Cindy Bennett (CI)
  • Dr Romaine Moreton (PI)


Re-imagining Humanities through Indigenous Creative Arts. This project will develop an Indigenous Creative Arts Framework to reimagine and transform the Humanities across Australian Universities. It will engage Indigenous creative arts academics, scholars, curators, practitioners and communities to conceptualise new innovations in teaching, research, community engagement and ethics. This project will centre critical Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing; contribute new Indigenous research methodologies and restorative practices; and reframe knowledge through creative arts praxis. Such innovative and dynamic advances in research will recognise and grow Indigenous capacity building across the Humanities, as vital to cultural wellbeing for all Australians.

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