Dr Vicky Au

Vicky Au's work as Deputy Lead in the CSIRO's Hydrogen Industry Mission doesn't just require scientific knowledge. It requires creativity, communication skills and the ability to see every angle of a problem.

Vicky's BA has complemented her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in physics by helping her take a broader perspective on technical problems – as well as by teaching her the language and cultural skills to thrive when her work takes her overseas.

Thinking about uni

I just loved questioning everything about the world – I asked my mum so many questions that she couldn't answer. I would say that there was actually quite a lot of similarities in the motivation between doing the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science.

Starting Arts

When I came here to Melbourne Uni, I found that it's so much more than just about the studies. It's about really exploring the way that you think, really exploring how you interact with other people, and all the different kind of interests and things that are available to you.

Launching my career

Making it an objective to study the language that is my heritage – at the time, if I hadn't done that, I think it would've been much more difficult for me and for the work that I had to do in China.