Cr Jenna Davey-Burns

With her strong commitment to social justice, Jenna Davey-Burns' roles as Senior Policy Officer and Deputy Mayor for Kingston City Council give her the opportunity to work with her community and make an impact.

Her career in local politics was kickstarted by Pathways to Politics Program for Women, a University of Melbourne program, and has been shaped by her Master of International Relations – but it all began with her BA.

Thinking about uni

I had a really strong commitment towards human rights. And when I was looking at courses, I looked at Melbourne and saw they had such a fantastic program in political science, international relations, and also gender studies – which was a really big, important part of my life here at uni.

Starting Arts

I spent two months interning on Capitol Hill in the office of a House of Representatives Democrat and was able to witness first-hand the American political system, and that was probably the outstanding highlight of my time at uni – being able to participate in a program like that.

Launching my career

My degree really taught me to approach things; to pull things apart and then put them back together. That critical analysis piece has been so important in my career.