Zeina Zogheib

From choosing her VCE subjects to reaching her role as a Senior Youth Development Coach with the Brotherhood of St Laurence, Zeina Zogheib has always followed her own path with resilience, flexibility and adaptability.

After coming to Australia from a refugee background, Zeina's BA didn't just lay the foundations for her career – her majors in History and Politics and International Studies helped her learn about her own history.

Thinking about uni

My first week of Year 12, I realised how important that year was and that if I didn't do subjects I was passionate about, I probably wasn't going to do well. So I dropped them all and decided to choose [the humanities] ... My mother didn't speak to me for about two weeks!

Starting Arts

I started learning, through studying History and Politics and International Studies, about my cultural background – about some of the events and conflicts that led to my family being here. It was a really identity-forming experience.

Launching my career

In the work that I do, in community services, a lot of people do tend to have qualifications in social work or youth work. I don't have either of those things. Instead, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree.