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Find information about booking Faculty of Arts’ teaching spaces or loaning audio visual equipment.

Faculty of Arts’ teaching spaces – ad hoc bookings


Rooms are available through the Venue Services web page.

Staff and students

The following rooms are available for booking through the Outlook’s public calendar system.

Old Arts (Building 149)
  • Atrium Room 213
  • Meeting Room 141
  • Meeting Room 219
  • Meeting Room 220
  • Project Room 102
Arts West (Building 148A)
  • Level 1, Meeting Room 109
  • Level 4, Meeting Room 427
  • Level 4, Meeting Room 401
  • Level 4, Room 432
  • Level 4, Room 435
Babel (Building 139)
  • Ground, Meeting Room G21
  • SOLL Teaching Pod 207A
  • SOLL Teaching Pod 207B
  • SOLL Teaching Pod 208A
  • SOLL Teaching Pod 208B
  • SOLL Meeting Room 117
  • SOLL Meeting Room 407
  • SOLL Meeting Room 506

When booking a room, include your contact details in your booking to allow others to contact you if required.

All other rooms are available through the Venue Services web page.

The Linkway (John Medley)

The Linkway is only bookable for SSPS and SCC students only. For information on using the Linkway Room, please refer to The Linkway Booking Protocols

Special spaces

The Faculty of Arts Special Spaces are available to be used by Faculty of Arts researchers, staff and partners only.

If you haven’t used the Faculty of Arts spaces before please register first.

Register now

The following rooms are booked through the Office of the Dean, irrespective of whether you are an internal, external or Faculty-affiliated client:

Please complete this Special room booking form for your request to be considered.

Special room booking form

For enquiries about Arts Special Spaces, please contact the Office of the Dean.

Additional information

Rooms that include a Room Booking Panel have additional functionalities:

  • You can see if the room is currently booked, by whom, and for how long - this is updated frequently and is updated directly from Microsoft Outlook.
  • The next meeting room booking is shown, whether later today or tomorrow. Select Timetable on the touchscreen to see and scroll through further meeting bookings.
  • Book the room instantly (if available) by pressing Book Now. This will book the room for 30 mins and appear on the calendar as direct booking from either the Concierge or Joan panels.
  • You can extend the current booking subject to availability of the meeting room by pressing Extend Now on the panel.