Asian Cultural Research Network (ACRN)

School of Culture and Communication

A three-year project funded by The University of Melbourne's International Research and Research Training Fund, 2015 - 2018. Led by Assoc. Professor Fran Martin and Assoc. Professor Audrey Yue, Faculty of Arts, School of Culture and Communication.

Youth Travel, Migration, and Transnational Media between Asia and Australia

In cultural globalization, increases in the trans-national movements of people and media connect Australia with Asia more than ever before. Over the past decade Australia has welcomed increasing numbers of youth travellers, international students, and permanent migrants from Asia. In the same period, an Asian mediasphere has been consolidating, with cross-border mobility of media intensifying due to ubiquitous broadband connectivity and mobile media technologies. These allow the ready accessibility of Asian media content in Australia, and enable migrant populations to effortlessly maintain trans-border social networks.

This project is a three-year collaboration between researchers in the School of Culture and Communication and scholars in the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, Hong Kong Baptist University. The project's goal is to develop an international research network to collaboratively research the cultural effects of the intensified mobility of both media and people between Asia and Australia as a result of globalization in our region.

Through a series of activities in both Melbourne and Hong Kong over this three-year period, including masterclasses, public lectures, cross-institutional research training linkups, collaborative research workshops and joint publications and grant applications, the project's principal aims are to:

  • Enhance collaborative exchange between researchers working in Melbourne and Hong Kong on projects concerned with the cultural effects of the increased mobility of people and media in our region
  • Establish networks of communication and exchange to assist the scholarly development of early career and postgraduate researchers in Asia-related cultural research at UoM, HKBU, and other universities in our region

Participant profiles

Asian Cultural Research Network (ACRN) participant profiles

Special Journal Issue

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This 2017 special issue of Cultural Studies Review, on MEDIA MOBILITIES AND IDENTITY IN EAST AND SOUTHEAST ASIA, co-edited by Daniel Edwards, Louis Ho and Seokhun Choi, grows out of the Asian Cultural Research Network's activities with Hong Kong Baptist University and Yonsei University in Melbourne in 2015.

Second Special Journal Issue

A special issue of Cultural Studies on "Mobilities, Borders and Precarities in Asia's New Millennium," gathering together nine papers presented at the ACRN's "Mobilities and Borders" symposium at HKBU in October 2016, is being co-edited by Fran Martin, John Nguyet Erni and Audrey Yue.


Assoc. Professor Fran Martin

Assoc. Professor Audrey Yue

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